Norah Dineen




Golden love


Glowing alive

Radiant dreams

Trust and faith

Letting the noise fade into the distance

Golden figure

Mirror image

Inclined to loss

Which gains momentum

Losing again taste

Which was administered at birth

Why the bitter twist?

Baked apple tastes good.

Spoons of apple…smoothly slips inside of me and warms me whole

Do I really need to not have faith…to wear faith as a baby grows inside of me.

Love can exist.

Dare say it can exist in a gallery space.

A love beyond the little stories and performances of tales.

The present moment presents opportunities once I dwell in words which flourish into a new image.

A new idea unfolds and my body groans for adventure that picks me up and places me elsewhere. It can all exist. I promise you. It’s a promise. Hold my hand.

Clean your hands.

Clean your feet.

Let me clean our feet.


With servitude.

Paint your feelings white.

Remove the canvas.

Remove the glory.

Remove the words words words of the mind.

Read more poetry.

Delete dating apps.

Let reality take over.

Take course over the boat you think you need.

Swim instead.

dance..even if it feels awkward. Your body knows more than you do.

Kiss as that also has it’s own life.

Living is what we are called To do. It’s the biggest challenge in a time of the distracting swipe.

Nothing harmful can exist if you narrow choices.

There is but once choice.

(Love) life and it exists.

Mundane? Why to charge what’s unappreciated.

Nothing goes unnoticed only in prideful debate.

Blaming others for losses that never happened.

Simple enjoyment and trust of awkward living.

What’s unnoticed gradually is seen.

Surprise cleanses nonchalance.

YANG (flower blossoms regardless through a womans eyes):

(Love) letters

Tinder tender (love)

(Swipe swipe swipe) hey sexy! (Swipe swipe swipe)

Fill in all the message from online dating m


(Watch the Gilmore girls to try and find some memory or hope or wish of love) swipe swipe swipe

(Artist interview)

(Swipe swipe swipe)

Let’s chat on IG

Like like like

(IG and your 20K friends are bought..I don’t want to take chat here)

Let’s meet up for a walk? When? Now. (In my head “this is ridiculous…you want to meet up now without any time to meet you. You don’t want to meet up and he’s telling me he has no friends Athens for 3 years)

Are you looking for a friend or to date? I go on dating apps to date.

Swipe swipe.

You unfollowed me. Gotcha!

I don’t use IG to message. I usually just meet for a coffee. IG is for work.

Ok let’s do that then.

(Why don’t you fucking asking me for a coffee next week and show up)


Swipe swipe swipe

(Possibility and doesn’t smoke. Meet up and he’s smoking. 2 dates on.)

I don’t date smokers.

Ok I will respect the no smoke. Let’s meet up again.

I am confused have you quit or just won’t smoke around me?

I need to see how things go.

(Unmatch…I hate online dating)

(I need to smash my phone and come back to reality. Machines hate humans. Using my phone to socialize is hell).

Don’t speak anymore, just be self confident and surround yourself with positive people cos people who feel negative feelings are bad and will drag you down (on repeat, swipe swipe swipe swipe)