Pegy Zali

If we start with power, 

we will end up seeing everything in terms of power. 

So let's start with love,

because we are self conscious that we are incomplete and inappropriate. Love as a political standpoint to bring joy into the play.

He said, 

that are these two types of people the he and the she. Now he says that there are more categories, he likes tagging. 

Separate and dominate is his motto.

We don’t like that,

binary or any distinctions, it limits our ability to feel the complexity of life and the society as a whole. Gender separation is a very simple and superficial way to experience society.

We will pay attention to what she says, 

because only someone from the below has met the complexity of the social whole. All those that are inhabiting the below have some kind of double consciousness, they have knowledge of both subortant and the dominant of the above. It is inscripted in her body, you could read the history of sovereignty on it. 

She knows he, 

because the power is exercised only over free subjects. She had developed that knowledge through the struggles that she gave to be free, to be heard, to be visible and be undeletable.

She had spent time with him and she tried to convert him into the we. 

But it is difficult for him to deny the privileges that it had been given to him, even before he was born. He wasn’t ready to deny it, so he embraced it. He cares for his self-reproduction, his self-improvement and his self-progress. If he feels that you are an obstacle to that, then he will erase you.

When the informal language is being kicked out and the logistics come in. Now, the data had to be collected and the access had to be denied.

But we are quite a lot, 

We are the ones who hold everybody back, the cultural production line that’s supposed to improve us all. We like being the problem. As long as we hold each other, never mind.

She are we.

Pegy, 2019